How To Grow A Moustache And Beard

As you know, at A Key Moustache, we love any reason to grow beards and moustaches.


We’ve been speaking to some of our customers over the last few months and together we have compiled some tips on how to grow that all important moustache or beard… without eyebrows raising from those around you.


It’s time to celebrate the moustache and beard revolution. See our Top 5 Tips on growing both.


      1. Let nature take its course


So, you’ve decided to grow a beard or moustache. And now you can’t wait to show off your face on Facebook and Instagram. You want to show off your new look – but except – there’s nothing there to show! Don’t worry… just be patient. Everyone’s hair growth is different. Your beard or moustache is not going to grow overnight. Just sit back and maintain what you have and you’ll have something exciting to show everyone in no time.

      2. How to comb your beard or moustache


It’s important to make sure what you have, looks good. You don’t want to be known in the office as the ‘scruffy’ one and believe us… gone are the days where beards and moustaches can only look scruffy. The right moustache can portray sophistication and class. That’s why you should comb it properly with a beard comb. When combing your beard, remember to comb it downwards. Start from the ear, making your way down to the chin, so your hair gathers underneath. In addition, remember your moustache needs to be combed in accordance with the shape that you want it to grow. It’s not psychic you know! Give it some love.

      3. Get the right neck line for your beard


So you’ve grown a beard – but you’ve been told that it doesn’t suit you. Did you think about the neck line? Maybe not. You need to learn how to define a neck line that makes your beard look its best. There is no 100% right way of defining the neck line but we’ll give you some guidance. The aim is to create a neck line that defines the beard in a smooth shape that is good to look at. When defining the neck line, imagine that there is a line that gently curves from the back of one ear, down to the top of your neck below your jaw, and back up to the back of the opposite ear. Now look at your sideburns. Extend the line formed down to where it meets with the ear-to-ear line. You can then round off the intersection. Watch the video below for more!

      4. Get the right cheek line for your full beard


Remember that every beard is unique so your cheek line has to not only suit your face, but also the way your beard is growing.  You can go for a low cheek line, natural or defined. Before you define the line, you need to make sure the hair grows naturally in this area. Point out an area in your sideburns, next to your ear, and image a line from here to your moustache line. Ideally, keep the line as high as possible, with beard growth filling in the space below the line. Imagine a curve to round off the transition from the front of the sideburns to the proposed check line. You may not want to round it off for a more angular effect. Next, carefully trim away all beard hair above the imaged cheek line. You can use clippers, scissors or a beard trimmer (without the guard).

     5. Growing your moustache into a cool shape


So you’ve seen our Instagram and Facebook pages and you’re envious of all the gorgeous looking tache’s out there. Fear not – you can grow yours too. Growing a moustache is not just about just growing the ends and curling them. It’s much more. The best results can be achieved by growing the whole moustache and then a curve growing naturally. You need to make sure your ends are kept at the right length. Scissors are the best way to do this.


Watch a tutorial on how to groom your moustache below:

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