How We Started


Before A Key Moustache was born, I stood in front of a mirror in an elevator on the way up to an interview. Standing there noticing that my beard was out of place, not having a comb on me I had to quickly manage the beard as best as I could with my bare hands. I felt that there was an easier way for me to maintain my beard without having to carry round a comb.


Creating A Key Moustace is wanting to help every man out there with a beard or moustache to be able to maintain it without having to carry a comb in their pocket or worry that they have not got the tools. We want that interview to be a success, that first date to be perfect. For us the beard is a great feature on the modern man and it should stay that way.


What We Provide


A Key Moustache bringing beard and moustache grooming to the ease of the modern man. A product that can be carried anywhere without having to carry a comb in your pocket. A Key Moustache is bringing berd and moustache grooming on the go, allowing you to maintain on the go.


We want every beard and moustache to look it's best at every time. So we have made a comb that will help every bearded and moustached man to keep their beard and moustache in check with the Key comb.


With this A Key Moustache has expanded with their 'Looking Key' range which includes Ties, Cufflinks, Pocket Squares, Lapel Pins and Tie Pins for all out there.


Our Vision


Our vision is to provide the accessories for every man to Look Key and Open New Doors in all steps of life.

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